Random Seven Friday #27


I grew a pineapple! Did you know you can grow a pineapple from a pineapple?  Yup!!  Just cut off the top and jam it in the ground.  3 years later, you’ve got yourself a pineapple.  FYI…I live in Florida, which is basically the tropics.  But, you can do this in a pot as well if you are in a normal climate.

In case of emergency….When filling out some documents recently, I was asked to provide my “In case of emergency” contact information.  Well, my in case of emergency person is Chris (my husband).  He practically never answers his phone.  He REALLY never answers when it’s a number he doesn’t recognize….which could be the hospital telling him I’ve been in an accident. <sigh>.  So, I thought about giving my Mom’s name and contact info.  Then I remember she can never find her phone or the battery is dead.  How is this done nowadays?  Anyone else have this issue? Bueller??

The Good Place…another season has been release on Netflix.  Anyone else binging?  The show is so bizarre, I’m hooked.

What hurricane?  Yup…never happened.  I completely understand being prepared, but we weren’t even in the cone here in Sarasota.  I hope everyone enjoys the 60 cases of water they purchased…better yet, donate them to a shelter.

Parade of Idiots:  On Sunday, August 31, a number of ridiculous people marched in the “Straight Pride” parade in downtown Boston.  Thankfully, the number of protesters outnumbered the parade marchers.  One woman named Shoshanna was quoted as saying she was “outraged by the idea that straight people need a pride parade”, yet she was there to watch it with her daughter.  You my dear, are an idiot.  If you are watching the parade, you’re giving those numbnuts the attention they seek.

Windy Jim…the tasty weather hottie that is Jim Cantore has been disappointed this year.  He hasn’t gotten to flex those meaty arms in a windy storm.  So, there is a video floating around of a visit he made to a wind tunnel at Virginia Tech in 2013.  He managed to stand upright in sustained Cat 5 winds.  I can never unsee the images of his head skin ripples.

Sweat and toe tomatoes…a little over a week ago was the La Tomatina food fight in Spain.  Thousands of people, 150 tons of overripe tomatoes mixing with sweat, body fluids and feet.  Good times.

That’s it. That’s all. Until next time.

Mandy xoxo