Random Seven Friday #18

ChaChaCha Chia …I realize I’m late to the chia pudding train. It could be because I had a chia pet when I was younger and the thought of eating…well…hair…made me feel nasty. However, I’m lovin’ this nosh for breakfasts and snacks. My favorite way to prepare is with coconut milk. So tasty.

Beer and Roses….Guns N’Roses…(sorry, I just gagged a little after I pictured Axl Rose.)….is suing a poor brewery because they named a beer “Guns ‘N’ Rose. (like the wine. The accent won’t show over the e” ) They are claiming this beer is causing them “irreparable damage” and suffering “damage to their business reputation” What? Is is because the beer is good? Oh no…we wouldn’t want people to get the wrong idea.



Has anyone tried Ruggable? This brand of rugs claims it is machine washable and even has a picture of the founder with her 2 dogs. I’m wondering if they are in need of a true market tester. My dogs are sneaky. They eat poop, then throw it up on my rug. My cat also likes to eat lizards, then regurgitate them…on…that’s right….my rug. I feel I can put any product through it’s paces.

Growing from cuttings works! It’s hot AF here in Florida, but I’m getting some pineapples. I lop the tops off and jam them in the ground. It’s been 3 years for this one and I’m getting two pineapples! I have about 10 other plants in various stages of growth. Someday, I will have my own little piney farm. Aren’t they cute.


Gardening is over.. <see the aforementioned AF comment> But that doesn’t mean I can try to get some seeds going in the shade. Did everyone see the Peter Pepper Penis Chili seeds I mentioned a few Random’s ago? Mine have arrived!!

There is a gin Guiness World Record…and its held by Snoop Dogg. Does anyone know why he’s still around? Here is the link if you want to flog yourself.

Glamberts? Former American Idol member, Adam Lambert was recently on Ellen promoting his new album. Did you know he’s super hot now? He looks like a reincarnation of George Michael. When I posted my astonishment on Twitter, a huge crop of Adam fans started liking and commenting on my post. They refer to themselves as a “Glamberts”. Could that be anymore adorable?

That’s it! That’s all. Until next week.

Mandy xoxo