Random Seven Friday #17

Public service announcement for everyone in the Sarasota area. Gulf Gate Food and Beer is now serving Sunday brunch with a BOTTOMLESS MIMOSA BAR! This is not a drill. This is real

BBQ makes you sexy….at least that’s what its doing for Dave Grohl. The lead singer for the Foo Fighters is featured in this months Bon Appetit talking about his one man barbecue company Backbeat BBQ. I never understood how a friend of mine thought he was so sexy. Now, he has officially earned himself a place in my spank bank.

Legs up pussycat! Our favorite Puss in Boots actor has given us a reason to have our Wheaties today. Meow!

You are very, very sleepy…at least that is what your iPhone is hoping while it is talking all about you when you’re hitting those ZZZ’s. First Alexa records you having sex, now your phone is telling everyone where you’re doing it.

Noodling around. Here are a few photos of goats wearing pool noodles. You’re welcome.

Brows for days. I acknowledge having the craziest eyebrows. Us hairy Irish girls need help all the time. (Brea, at His & Hers Bare Beauty…I love you long time). But, I’m not sure how this product could help me other than make me look more like Bert from Sesame Street. Someone please try it and let me know.

Already on my Christmas list….is this boob sweat catcher. I really need it now…because….you know….Florida. If anyone wants to celebrate Christmas in July, please let me know and I will share my list.

First goats, now tigers Yes, it’s a thing. Sarasota has a wonderful wild animal sanctuary and last week, a ton of people got to do yoga around the tiger enclosures. While this is so incredibly amazing and I really want to try it, I have one concern…tiger pee.

That it. That’s all. Until next week.

Mandy xoxo