Random Seven Friday #22

Today is National Bagelfest Day, National Get Gnarly Day, National All or Nothing Day and National Talk in an Elevator Day. I’m going to try and combine all of those into one act….because I’m lazy. You’re welcome to join me. Please bring the good cream cheese.

Now lets get Random..

Mercury is back…dammit.  Well, it’s actually in retrograde.  I was not aware this happens 3 times per year.  First is was March 5th - 28th .  Now it’s happening from July 7th to August 2nd and will happen again from October 31st to November 20th.  The planet Mercury rules communication, intelligence, timing, travel, contracts, automobiles – basically really important shit. Astrologers say during this time you might hear from your ex, have travel hiccups and major arguments.  It’s like the end of the world.  If you want to make sure you don’t plan anything during this awful time, here is a table of mercury retrograde dates up until 2030.

Forget getting the family rock….just implant it. That’s right. A nice dermal diamond piercing is better.  All the rage now….<shiver>.  I constantly catch my ring on stuff and it can hurt.  Imagine snagging one of those….Bleh

Screaming…again.  VH1 is doing a six part series called “Scream Resurrection”.  Same Ghostface mask, not Neve Campbell.  It’s time we just let that franchise die.

Itchy Mangos R US.  It is the fruitopia time of year here in Florida and the mangos are dropping like bombs from every home stupid enough to plant a mango tree and forget about it.  These trees can grow over 100 feet, spread up to 125 wide and live for over 300 years.  My running route is littered with mangos.  So, I have been bringing a bag, picking them up and carting them home for delicious treats.  Buuuuuuut, I must be careful not to touch the sap as I’m highly allergic and when I peel it, I have to wear food safe gloves.  Mango peel contains urushiol, which is the same oil in poison ivy, poison oak…all the poison plants.  It causes a brutal, blistering rash which I once experience first hand when I stuffed fresh picked mangos in my pants (full story on my youtube video) Eating them has always been ok.  Well, I guess I’ve been eating too many (at least 1 per day).  Now I have a swollen upper lip and a rash on the back of my neck…haven’t stopped eating them.

Admission time:  I like the dentist.  I get to lay there, not talk to anymore, my mouth is getting cleaned and I get a goodie bag when I leave. My new dentist actually has massage chairs.  Thank you wellness movement.

Nope…haven’t seen it:  I give my BFF a boatload of crap when she hasn’t seen a very awesome movie….and by awesome I mean, I really liked it or it is a celebrated chick flick every woman needs to view at least once in their lifetime.  As I’ve been ready the Facebook posts about “The Notebook” turning 15 years old last month, I will confess…I’ve never seen it.  Here are a few more movies I’ve never seen that will make you say WTF:

The Godfather (all of them), Bowling for Columbine, Super Size Me, No Country For Old Men, The Towne,  The Shining, The Departed, Fight Club, Pyscho, The Shawshank Redemption, Schindler’s List, Jaws, all westerns (other than Tombstone or Bad Girls), Saving Private Ryan, All of the Aliens movies, Blade Runner, Reservoir Dogs, Fargo, Scarface, Slumdog Millionaire, American Sniper, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Any of the Avenger Movies after #2, Trainspotting, Gladiator, Mad Max…

You get the idea.  I don’t like anything gory, containing torture, sad or serious.

However, I have seen all the Transformer movies and every single one of the Fast and the Furious (except Tokyo Drift – that didn’t count) I will let you reassess my intelligence.

Too Many Tacos….Burger King is putting out a new $1.00 Crispy Taco.  Taste test coming soon.

That’s it.  That’s all.  Until next week.

Mandy xoxo