Let's Review My 2019 Goals

On January 15th, I posted a snarky article talking about New Years Resolutions.  I proclaimed…with a uppity attitude…that I would not be making any resolutions.  I thought (and still do) that they are a waste of time.  The New Year, New Me attention whores were giving up cheese, 5 minute journaling and introducing their new personal trainer to their friends on Facebook.  It was disgusting, exhausting and most of them are back to dairy by now.

Instead, I decided to list my goals.  This list would be actions I would take to better myself in 2019.  I made sure they were obtainable, sustainable and interesting enough that I would try them.  As I have just hit the 6 month mark, let’s see how I’m doing.

1)      Unsubscribe from all email lists which make me crazy:  TOTAL SUCCESS I have been a purging machine.  My email count has gone waaaaaaay down.  I created a folder called “Must read in 24hrs”.  This folder is for all emails I want to read, but don’t have a time at that very moment.  If an email sits in that folder for more than 24 hours, I will start to seriously consider whether or not it is of interest to me anymore.

2)      Do a full split on each side of my body: FAIL I have not been doing as much yoga since I had unplanned surgery in February.  My body is still healing and it doesn’t really want to listen to me.  I’m still running if anyone cares.

3)      Stop following any social media /Youtube accounts I don’t like:  MODERATE SUCCESS I still follow a few that bug me a little bit.  They’re fairly successful content creators and I’m using their accounts as a learning tool for my platforms.  They still make me say “Ugh”

4)      Learn how to make a proper omelet: FAIL To be honest, totally forgot about this one and it’s not hard.  Have now made this a goal for August.

5)      Make at least one new recipe per week from my enormous recipe clippings collection: FAIL This goal is definitely going to be a decade kind of goal.  Not only have I not touched my massive collection, I have added too it.

6)      See at least 5 live performances: ON-GOING  You all remember I dragged Chris to Hairspray this past spring, right.  Well I have 2 more scheduled events in the next 2 months.  I’m on it!

7)      Up my social media content: SUCCESS Not only have I upped my content, I added a new podcast and YouTube.  So proud of myself.  Also, why didn’t anyone tell me how hard this is?  I’m exhausted!

How are your goals?  Are they working?  Success? Fail?  Ongoing? 

Needless to say, however you a choosing to better yourself, just putting in the effort makes you a success.