Monthly Habits - July 2019 Edition

Gotta love the photo of me. I think I was around 11. Always happy to flex for the camera.

I know that I’m a few days late on this one, but you forgive me.

This is another installment of my monthly habits. A list of my daily, weekly, monthly habits that keep me in check. I’m sharing 7 habits per month.

Water, Agua, das Wasser, eau - I’m one of those people who collect reusable water bottles. I have dozens. After seeing the horrible photos of wildlife and the impact single use plastic has on the earth, I stopped buying bottled water immediately. But, I’m so addicted to water and need to have it with me at all times. This is why I never leave the house without a full water bottle. I know you’re tired of hearing me complain about Florida but….it’s suppose to be 97 degrees here today. Hydrated!!!

Meditate - This sneaky little habit is a new one I started last month. It’s not fully tested yet, but I feel my mentor (Hi Kirsty) has given me enough back up to include it on my list.  I have made a firm goal of trying to meditate 4 times per week.  I originally tried for every day, but it was too much commitment for a newbie like me.  I love Kirsty’s meditation guides on her YouTube channel.  I cannot mediate without help, so I grab one of her videos. I LOVE her voice.  So soothing.

Vacation cushion day – Have you ever come back from a vacation and realized “Hey, I need a vacation FROM my vacation”?  It’s inevitable you’ll return home with mountains of laundry to wash and put away, grocery shopping for your empty fridge and a pile of miscellaneous tasks all waiting for you to complete.  Or, if you’re like me, you’ll return home 12 hours after your planned arrival due to flight delays. (every….damn….time….I…fly).  I have made a habit of building in a cushion day.  This is a nonworking day after your vacation that you can handle all the annoying little things waiting for you when you return.  Some people have told me this is a waste of a day, but I feel it makes me so much more relaxed when I return to work.

Veggies from scraps – I’m not going to bitch about food waste (in this post), but I wanted to let you know how cool it is to grow veggies from what you’re throwing out.  AND IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO easy!  I’ve got pineapples, celery and lettuce going right now. It would be fun to do with kids too.  (disclaimer: my pineapple plant is over 2 years old. It takes awhile for them to mature)


Green shake (aka Glass of Slime) – for those of us who abhor making salad, getting the proper amount of greens is tough.  I add a scoop of green powered to my morning protein shake.  The one I use is Amazing Grass.  It’s pretty flavorless.  I’ve even mixed up a scoop with in a glass of plain water.  It wasn’t totally horrible.  Only gagged once.

Reusable Cotton Pads -  I LOVE skincare stuff.  You might say I’m a bit of a junkie.  To support my habit, I was purchasing loads of cotton pads for application.  It got to the point where I was using a sleeve a week.  I saw Lily Pebbles using these reusable cotton pads and my thrifty, environmentalist heart went pitter patter.  I can honestly say these are amazing.  You just put them in the washing bag and toss it in during your next load.  So easy.

Purge, purge, purge – I’ve been spending a lot of time at home recently and I’ve been feverishly looking at how much I use certain things and how much space they take up.  I am by no means a “minimalist” (I love lots of shoes), but living in Florida and not having an attic or basement for storage, does show you how much crap you have.  I opened our guest bedroom closet the other day and realized we had 2 huge boxes of DVD’s.  I can’t remember the last time I watched one.  I also have an entire chest full of CD’s.  Haven’t listed to them in 3 years.  There is a cool website called where you can sell all your junk and they even pay for shipping.  Be warned, your CD’s are probably only worth .02 or .05 each.  But, hey…they’re just taking up space.

 So there you have it. Seven habits to try in June. Email me at or comment below to let me know which habit you want to try or let me know what you tried and failed! Either way, you’re trying to make your life a little bit better.