Random Seven Friday #21

Happy after 4th of July…if you’re in the US. How many people have watched your 10 minutes video of fireworks you recorded last night and then upload to Facebook. That’s right. No one.

Slowly going insane….I am watching Big Little Lies and Dexter AT THE SAME TIME.  Well, not at the same time…you get my drift.  You may think I’m binge watching Dexter because it’s many seasons old….but nooooooo.  I’m watching it with my husband and he likes to watch one show per night.  BLL, is once per week.  I am literally on edge all day wondering what is going on.

Book of the Week…it made me cry.  You all know I’m a bibliophile, but I like to read trash and business books. My friends Mom lent me a pile of historical fiction.  In my infinite boredom, I went out of my comfort zone and tried “The Gown” by Jennifer Robson.  I peeled through it in 2 days and cried at the end.  Highly recommended.

We all do it…how come social media influencer’s never talk about the 5-10 minutes they spend picking their face during a skin care routine?  You know they do it.  I only say this because I performed surgery on my forehead just a few days ago which resulted in a blood mess followed by a giant scab. I’m one of the people who get milia’s on my face. I am perfectly aware I should leave it alone and let an expert handle it, but we all can admit we get enormous satisfaction from doing our own extraction.

Adam Lambert…really?  I have formed an uncomfortable addiction to Adam Lambert. I was ok with it because I thought he was in his 20’s and it would be a weird thing I needed to get over.  Now, I found out he’s 37….which makes him 5 years younger than me…which doesn’t make me a weird cougar….and….it still means I need to get over it because just admitting it makes me uncomfortable all over again.

Speaking of weird….I’m having an ASMR problem with Alex Baldwins podcast.  The same thing happens when I listen to Tim Ferris.  I get feelings….down there.

Who is Pete?  I don’t smoke weed but I do come up with some really weird questions. Where did the term, “For Pete’s Sake” come from.  Who is Pete?  I know you’ve been wondering too.  According to everyones online source, Wiktionary, there is no Pete.  It is just a nicer way to say for God’s sake.  If you look at the synonyms, I prefer the 2nd and 3rd choices.

Let’s talk poop…Again.  Had a conversation with some lovely ladies last week (of course, I had only just met one of them.  This is my MO.  Bizarre topics upon introductions) and we started talk about nutrition, which lead to digestion, which lead to poop.  We all admitted we check out our poop to make sure everything is going through ok.  The only person who thought that was weird was the only guy in the room.  Hmmmm….

If you want to watch me talking about these in person, on YouTube…(click here)

That’s it. That’s all. Until next time.

Mandy xoxox