Random Seven Friday #20

Let’s celebrate my 20th Random Seven Friday post by re-writing it all over again. That’s right folks. I’ve already written this…and then deleted it with one keystroke. Que my rage………

But, in all fairness, lets celebrate the fact I have done Random Seven Friday 20 times. TWO —— OHHHHH! For you. Because you enjoy it and I love your comments. I also like to share my very own brand of sweet, sweet chaos.

Album Challenge There is a new chain challenge thingy going around on Facebook. I always hope I don’t get nominated for this nonsense but one of my friends (GAVIN!!!!!!) f-ing nominated me. Directions are as follows: “Every day, for 10 days, post an image of an album that has impacted you. Do this without an explanation.” This…..is….the…WORST. I abhor vague posts. Now, I have to do this because I’m sure you’ll get bad luck. Like locusts will swarm your bathroom or you’ll get a pimple on your forehead for 7 years. I’m too superstitious for this shit.

Brandon Farris: I am the last person in the world to discover him, but he made me pee my pants this week. Truly. I did.

Let’s be Authentic..MMMKay? We all have one of those friends. They post super spiritual AF meme’s on social media. But, you know they are some crazy dipped in lunacy with a side of psycho. My girl has been on a tear this week. All her followers are like “you are so wise” and “I love your positivity”. I’m all like “I know you have been stalking your ex on social media and doing drivebys at his house”

Facebook…you crazy. Dear all social media gods. Please stop letting the people who write your algorithms smoke so much crack. Your new algorithm thinks I want to buy this according to my search history. We all know the reason we don’t see her crotch is because there is an uncomfortable camel toe situation.

(you should know I have save this article 37 times at this point. Never making that mistake again…)

Vickies dual marketing Victoria’s Secret can’t seem to make a bra in my size, but it’s fragrance Bombshell can also double as mozzy spray. That’s right, kids. You can smell like a Pink bottomed millennial and keep the mosquitoes at bay.

The No Werk Werk Werk Werk Werk Timeblocking Rihanna keeps her own calendar. Me thinks not. In an interview, she claims she timeblocks her personal days and want's to “make grocery shopping a big deal”. Sure…. Also, Pres Cheeto Trump liked the tweet about it and called RiRi the “work/life balance queen” All fake news.

Jump rope challenge update: I finished my self imposed made up challenge of 20 minutes per day for 20 days. I survived. Barely. Video to come. (if you don’t know what I’m talking about that you don’t follow me on instagram. @mandywanzz. What is the matter with you? I’m fun and post too many photos of what I’m eating.

Here’s to another 20 posts about weird stuff I find interesting

That’s it. That’s All. Until Next Week

Mandy xoxo