Random Seven Friday #19

Today is the loooooooooongest day of the year! Happy Solstice. The naked dancing starts at sundown in my backyard. Please bring an appetizer to share. BYOB.

Paris sings again…Why does this keep happening? The Hilton Heiress is back to embarrassing herself…again… with a tune called “B.F.A (Best Friends Ass)”. As always, keepin’ it classy.

It’s been awhile since I mentioned poop…and you could soon have a home built of it. A nice gent at an Australian University has been studying human waste (do we think this was his dream job as a kid?) and has come up with a method to turn it into bricks. I will sign up as a new construction test subject immediately. I know this would keep my inlaws away.

More fake bacon? People are still trying to convince us there is a seaweed out there that tastes like bacon when it’s cooked. Is this one of those “nutritional yeast totally tastes like Parmesan cheese” statements because I called bullshit on that over a year ago.

Paging Jeffrey Dalmer….I have your coin purse and a fierce need to shower. Also, this prosthetic ear just washed up on the beach here in Florida. Did I mention I finished the first season of Dexter? This is just creepy.

New game for summer BBQ’s This fun run will be the highlight of the day and the wives/partners/girlfriends get to pick their dress color as well. My favorite moment of this video was at 2:45. You can really feel all the effort that man was channeling into his run.

I screamed just watching this video: I just know I would simultaneously throw my back out, hit a tree and puke.

Mixed tape memories. Did anyone else have a mixed tape they listened to when they were sad? But, instead of songs to pick you up, it was filled with Richard Marx, Celine Dion and The Cure. I can’t believe made it out of my teens and 20’s.

That’s it. That’s all. Until next time.

Enjoy being naked ya twisted animals - Mandy xoxoxo

PS..like I won’t be naked too…