Random Seven Friday #23

Mercury retrograde is over!! Happy August. I’ve decided this is going to be an amazing month. Who’s with me?

Are Zombies over?  It seems like there is less zombie crap on the horizon. It’s like Hollywood goes through phases.  We had lots of vampires (some who were sparkly), then it was the BDSM crazy brought about by Fifty Shades of Gray and then it was lots of zombies.  Is it times for the aliens to appear again?  Hollywood is very cyclical. I’m wondering what’s next….

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood: How excited are you for the new Mr. Roger’s movie?  How excited are you that Tom Hanks is playing Mr. Rogers?  Not nearly as excited as I am.

Puppet Paradise…no spank you. There is a place in Kentucky called Vent Haven Museum that is dedicated to the art of ventriloquism.  I have a bit of pediophobia so you will not catch me within 20 miles of that place.  The photos are creepy…just creepy!!  While my fear of snakes is SO much greater, dolls still give me the woozies.  I’m sure we’re all sad we missed the ventriloquists ConVENTion (get it), which took place July 17-20.  Maybe next year…not.

Really Google?  I Googled the proper term for snake phobia….ophidiophobia….and guess what just popped up along with the definition.  That’s right. Pictures of snakes.  If you’ve been following me on Instagram stories, you will know I’m neck deep in snake fear right now.  They are EVERYWHERE.

Head sweat is a thing.  I’m a really sweaty person.  Was it smart for me to move to a tropical climate?  No.  I see that now.  As I have meandered into my 40’s, I’ve experienced a new sweat sensation along with all the other fun things women have to deal with…(more on that rant later). The sides of my head sweat.  The patches of skin an inch above my ears leak like someone turned a faucet on.  Now, not only do I look like I’ve wet myself (crotch sweat is real, people) it looks like someone has strategically dumped a bucket of water on my head

New Podcast alert!  I have discovered a new podcast called Noble Blood.  It only has 2 episodes so far, but it is a quick listen and the stories are awesome.  The first one is all about Marie Antoinette.  What ever you thought you knew about her, you don’t know enough.  This was mindblowing.

Clean fridge front. When I walk into a home that has a refrigerator front loaded down with papers, stickers and magnets, it makes me crazy.  Seriously, my eye twitches.  My mother is a fridge front loader and my sister has followed suit. While the new fridges don’t allow magnet adhesion, they get around this with tape.  The major load of items can be found on the side, 6 papers deep.  I must have a clean fridge front.  The only item allowed is a page torn from a magazine showing my dream fridge and matching kitchen appliances.  Someday…..

That’s it. That’s all. Until next week.

Mandy xoxo