Random Seven Friday #24

Yoga pants and booze:  Lulu Lemon is opening restaurants and will have beer???  How very unyogi!  The first restaurant, called Fuel, opened in the Chicago flagship store earlier in July.  It’s a counter service restaurant and carries burgers as well as healthier options.  There is also chocolate covered bacon sharing the menu with acai bowls, avocado toast and smoothies.  Well done, Lululemon.  Well done! Now if I could only afford your clothing.

For Whom The Bell TollsA badass chick in Canada was hiking with her dog when she realized they were being stalked by a cougar.  Instead of wetting herself (like I would have done), she yelled “bad kitty” to scare it off.  When that didn’t work, she blasted Metallic at it.  That did the trick.  Girlfriend, I salute you.

It’s not time yet – For everyone getting excited about Halloween.  Stop it.  It’s August. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

Photo By Paula Reid Stump

Photo By Paula Reid Stump

Awesomeness Possumness – Someone named Paula Reid Stump posted this photo on Facebook (thank you Barb F. for sharing).  She has a possum living under her gazebo, so she made it a home.  She also posted some fun facts including that possums eat snakes.  The ones in my neighborhood are fat and lazy. That’s why I have snakes in my yard.  Maybe if I build them a home…

When you Google “Florida Man” – I am increasingly embarrassed by my adopted state.  People here do the most ridiculous stuff.  Now, a study published in the Journal of Wildlife Management has been published that claims “Alligators have a taste for Florida men”. While you digest this idiotic claim, I’m trying to figure out who the hell paid for this study to happen.

Sweat No more – while cleaning out my hall closet, I found this most amazing chilling towel.  (pretty sure it was a stocking stuffer a few years ago.  Sorry, Mom)  Now, I want to wrap my whole body in it when I return from my runs. It’s by the brand Marika…and is apparently discontinued. Hmmm. Now that I’ve discovered chilling towels, I want to use them all the time. Please let me know your favorite brands.

Jamie Genevieve – has been on social media for a long time.  I just started watching her Youtube channel.  Totally in love.  Have added another authentic content creator to my watch list.  She replaces Lydia Elise Millen. I use to enjoy watching Lydia, but she has decided to spend all her time shopping and showing everyone how much money she spends. Yawn…not for me.

That’s it. That’s All. Until next week.

Mandy xoxo