Random Seven Friday #28

Helllooooo Friday! I’m feisty today.

DM me…..what is up with all the brands on Instagram. Swimsuit companies just love me. “Hey, DM us and be an ambassador.  We love your feed and you would look perfect wearing our brand.”  Um….sweetie.  Have you looked at my feed?  Do I look like a 7 foot tall Brazillian model?  Do I have enormous breasts?  I am a 42 year old pasty, white girl with size A cups and cellulite.  I’m not really your first choice.

John is The Man - John Stewert has an animal sanctuary.  He turned his 45 acre farm into a place for abused factory farm animals.  I could not be more in love with him right now.  While I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan, I still believe in treating animals with kindness.


Banana messages – Did you know if you lightly scar a banana peel with a message, it will appear in less than an hour.  These have been my crazy love notes to my husband lately.

Under The Sea Awesomeness – two artists are creating an underwater mermaid garden.  Designed to be an artificial reef, they are making body casts of real people, making them into mermaids out of cement and limestone, then sinking them off the coast.  Their project is called 1000 Mermaids and they had their first deployment on August 21, 2019. We all need to love this and sign a petition so I can be a mermaid forever.

Their Moment is Gone…is anyone else completely over smoothie bowls.  They’re basically a drink in a bowl with some toppings.  It’s cold soup.  It’s so done.  Can we have another fad, please.  Thank you.

Info overload:  We all have that one friend who has just discovered a new form of social media.  After you friend or follow them, they proceed to upload every photo they have all whilst tagging you in them.  After then have sufficiently clogged your feed with 20 years of snapshots, they start documenting only the most mundane portions of their life.  Additionally, they stalk through every photo and post you’ve made in the past 10 years and comment on or like each one.  I’m currently experiencing this.  Please pray for me.

You’re invited…to a massive Austrailan BBQ.  When an Austrail vegan woman filed a 600 page lawsuit agained her neighbors for barbecuting meat and letting thei kids play basket ball outside.  She said the cooking of fish was “deliberate” I know….the nerve of those people.  So, said evil neighbors have decided to plan a BBQ in her honor on October 19th and 9000 people have said they will be showing up. Anyone up for a trip to Australia?

That’s it. That’s all. Until next week.

Mandy xoxo