Random Seven Friday #29

Google what?  According to an article written for The Girlfriend, there is a list of 40 things that women over 40 are secretly Googling.  I read the list.  I haven’t Googled any of them.  C’mon ladies, strap on a pair, ask you doctor or ask your friends.  You know you’re going to be stuck on some lame ass website giving you bad advice.  Remember the celery juice diet?

No kids.  Thank you.  A recent article on Goodhousekeeping.com really spoke to me.  Written by Amanda Blum, it talks about how she implicitly states she does not allow her friends and family to visit with kids in hand.  Because of this, she thinks she is viewed as a jerk.  She explains how her house is tiny and not child-friendly.  It’s is not a place for kids…..period….Exclamation Point. My husband and I are proudly childless.  Let me be clear, we LOVE kids.  Our nieces and nephew are our pride and joy.  Every moment we get to spend with them is filled with fun.  But, we have made the conscious decision not to have any.  (I even wrote a long rant about it).  Annnnnnd, because we don’t have kids, our house is not childproof.  It is a death trap of unguarded electrical outlets, pointy table top ends, heavy objects designed to crush things when pulled from great heights and just about everything is breakable or poisonous.  Our dogs are unpredictable rescue pups which present a wild and new behavior/phobia every few months.   They are small and close to the ground….the perfect height to chomp on chubby, grabbing fingers.  Therefore, no kids at our house under the age of 12 or so.  But, we like adult conversation….so maybe they all stay at home.  It’s not them, its us.  And that does not make us jerks.


Them and They  Sam Smith (English singer/songwriter) proudly proclaimed on Instagram two weeks ago that he would begin using the pronouns “them” and “they” to recognize people as non binary.  I completely suppose this effort.  As more people choose to not identify, I ask this small favor: Give everyone else a chance to catch up.  There are so many angry rants calling out people for not immediately understanding how to address a person or even worst, for asking HOW they want to be addressed.  Making a very quick switch is hard.  Our brains have been hard wired from birth with “she” and “he” Please be patient. Imagine knowing someone as Bob for your entire life and then being asked to call them Karen.  Those of us that love and accept you are trying.  We just need a hot second.

Cheat days…I feel like everyone is always talking about having a “cheat day”.  You know, you’re suppose to be on a diet and you decide to have pizza…so you’re “cheating”.  How about, just eat like a normal person. You don’t have to cheat.  Case closed.

Now that I’m an adult…viewing old childhood movies is traumatic.  I watched the Secret of NIMH with my niece the other night and that is one f-ed up movie.  Between the animal testing, spider crushing with guts oozing and the creepy coloring I was horrified I haven’t had nightmares for years.  The 2 year old watching with me was unfazed.  Additionally, we never found out Mrs. Jonathan Brisby’s first name.  I can’t believe the PC feminists aren’t demanding a remake.

Pasta Grannies  I have discovered the most glorious You Tube channel.  Titled, the “Pasta Grannies”  this channel is documenting the age old skill of handmaking pasta.  Some of these women are in their 90’s and make pasta EVERY SINGLE DAY for their family.  I am a drooling mess when I finish watching each show (I binged watched for 2 hours to get my fill).  It is glorious!


Please forgive this small gush…as I thank my husband, Chris.  Life has been crazy for my friends and family these last few months: illness, hospital stays, buying new businesses, babysitters flaking out…etc.  I always do my best to help out.  I love them all and try to be there as much as possible.  It’s just who I am.  If you’re a good person, you help where you can.  It’s just that easy.  Chris thinks I don’t get thanked enough.  So…the other night I was greeted with a pile of my favorite flowers and a thank you card.  Inside the card, he listed everyone I have been helping over the past few months.  It was his way of telling me that he saw all the help I was giving and HE wanted to thank me.  Further proof, I’ve got myself a good man.

That’s it!  That’s all.  Until next time!

Mandy xoxo