Random Seven Friday #9

I don’t know about you, but I think Mercury is still retrograding somewhere. This week has been…Oy Vey….the stress.

My want of the week is this sloth pool float. If you would please have it shipped here, I would love you forever. I also need someone to build me a pool and pay for it. Taking numbers now….

Someone shares my love of all things gummy. This drink would take my obsession to the next level. Let’s all plan a road trip to New York for a sampling.

More from my girlfriends at AARP…they are listing the “Hippest Hobbies To Take Up In Your 40’s”. If I pretend they didn’t use the word “hippest”, I think these hobbies are quite interesting. Pole dancing….yes, please.

Excited about mayo? I’m a crazy foodie, but mayonnaise has never been a top exciter until a friend told me about Sir Kensingtons. I may or may not eat it straight from the jar on lettuce leaves.

Completely needing this experience with SEA LIONS! An article about this wonderful sea lion preserve plopped in my inbox last night and I have been wanting on it all night and morning. The chance to swim with a sea lion has completely trumped my dream to swim with dolphins.

Willing to be vegan for this job. A UK company is looking for a “Director of Taste” to travel the world and try new foods for Vibrant Vegan Co. They are launching a plant-based subscription service. If they allow me to continue my bacon habit off hours, I’m the girl for the job.

My compost is better than your compost. Because I am immensely proud of my gorgeous garden (fueled by some kick ass compost), I shall regale and bless you with these photos.

That’s it. That’s all. Until next week

Mandy xoxo