Random Seven Friday #8

Goodbye Mercury! Glad your retrograding is OVER!

Ahhh…the memories

Ahhh…the memories

I’m a victim of random item nostalgia.  Behold a spoon from my grandmothers house.  I use to play with this when I was a child.  She was going to throw it away and I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO!  Coincidentally, my sister acted the same way. It must be hereditary.  We now each have a spoon with a mauled, melted handle. 

Wireless needed please…  I now chose my service providers by whether or not they have free wifi in the waiting rooms. I needed to get some tires replaced on a car.  The first question I asked (after the obligatory, “Do you have any appointments free”) was “Do you have wifi in your waiting area.”  It makes me feel a little bit like a brat but every minute of my work day is precious and requires the internet.

Speaking of waiting…I was wondering if it would be too bougie to have food delivered to a waiting area.  Case in point: the tire appointment discussed above.  Waiting time was over 2 hours.  It was lunch time.  The tiny package of almonds in my purse wasn’t cutting it.  All I wanted was a pizza.  Was willing to share with the 2 other people waiting with me. Appropriate or not?

Live in a Prison Bus?  This mini-documentary features two crazy people living in a bus with a composting toilet.  It should be retitled “Mandy’s Worst Nightmare”

I am not a good model or at least that is what I found out this weekend. I decided to get a little serious about my instagram and take some decent photos…with a REAL camera. I dubbed Chris my Instahusband and we brought my very nice Canon camera with us on our day off. I posed with what I though would be sultry and pensive looks on my face. Turns out, sultry = constipated and pensive = resting bitch face. I’m better when I’m just myself…goofy, awkward and smiley.

Healthy-isher starts on April 1st.  Chris and I have decided to start a “healthier” eating plan for the month of April.  30 days of really buckling down on our snacking habits.  While we are moderately, healthy eaters, we wanted to see what 30 days of REALLY healthy eating would do to our bodies.  He’s a nighttime snacker and I’ve gained some LBs due to forced inactivity after my surgery.  Stay tuned to see if we can do it.

Friendaversary?  Weird or not?  I did not steal this from Facebook, they stole it from me.  I love to celebrate everything…birthdays, anniversaries, number day, Wednesday’s….you name it.  Sometimes I can’t remember when I’ve met someone who turned into a lifelong buddy.  But if I do, I make sure to remember it forever.  My bestie Megs and I met 6 years ago on March 17th.  We celebrate it every year.

That’s it. That’s all. Until next week.

Mandy xoxo