Is Something Wrong With Me....Because NOTHING is Wrong With Me.

DISCLAIMER: I am not making light of any diagnosis or health problem.  I understand many people suffer from true health and mental issues.  I applaud anyone who is honest about their diagnosis and shares their story to help others. 

These days it seems like every Youtuber, Instagrammer or Blogger is coming out with a new declaration:

I’m anemic. I have a gluten intolerance.  My body can’t process sugar.  My veganism is causing my hair to fall out. I have low self esteem.  I have depression. I’m bipolar. I’m allergic to the cat which made me famous on the internet.

As a serious Youtube viewer and Instagram stalker, I have followed some Influencers/content creators for years.  Recently, I am noticing a disturbing trend among our favorite intraweb reality stars who have begun to run out of content ideas.

Meat is causing me to have acne.  My stomach issues are caused by stress.  Yoga made me fat.  I will die unless I have a B12 shot. I ate sushi so now I have high mercury levels.  I didn’t wear blue light glasses while using my computer and now I’m going blind.

It seems like they are ALL having problems…or are they.

Not to toot my horn, but I am a fairly healthy woman.  I don’t suffer from any maladies.  None.  Nada.  Diddly squat. I sleep well, my skin is mostly under control, my moods are even, my digestion is good and I only eat sushi once and while. I am lucky. I can lead a normal-ish, unmedicated life.

After watching countless videos, I started having alarming thoughts: Is something wrong with me …..because NOTHING is wrong with me. 

Thankfully, I got over that thought quickly and I’m also wise enough to see through all the bullshit I’ve mentioned above.

As the Influencers become as famous as the Kardashians it is time they realize they have impressionable young minds following them. The latest bitch about the Kardashians is their diet tea (also know as “The Tea That Makes You Shit Your Brains Out”. ) All our fav Influencers are happy to jump on the hate wagon and bash Kim & Co. for telling tall tales to make a buck. But, when their numbers are dragging, Influencers diagnose themselves with “depression”, make a sad “tell-all” video about how they’re curing it by going gluten free. Now they’re raking in the views and making a quick buck.

Um…Felicia….that’s kinda the same thing.

That impressionable, young mind is watching your video too. He or she is wondering if the reason they’re feeling kinda low this week is due to eating spaghetti the night before. Now, they’re convinced something is wrong with them. Maybe they’re gluten intolerance. If their favorite YouTube fashion Influencer is suffering from acne because they ate one meatball at a fundraiser, maybe this zit was caused by the meatball they had with the spaghetti? Now they’re depressed and have skin problems.

I think you get the picture.

Being young is hard enough without having a bunch of crap thrown at you from your favorite beauty YouTuber. If you’ve decided you want to be famous and influential, remember that comes with a responsibility to your audience. Stay in your lane. Don’t blow smoke just to make a quick buck. If you truly have an issue you want to share, make sure you’ve got your facts straight and bring in an expert who can assist you in sharing your story.

Otherwise, you’re just like a Kardashian. Spreading shit all over the place.