Random Seven Friday #10

We’ve made it through another week. All you Catholics have only 6 more days to go before you can eat bacon. The bunny is coming soon. And it hasn’t been out of the 80’s here in Sarasota.

One tattoo for a life time of pizza? My fav pizza joint is offering anyone a life time of free pizza if you get their logo tattooed on any part of your body. (Story here) The logo is a mock up of the owner Phil who is pretty hot in a gangster Italian kinda way. 3 people have already done this and 4 more are on deck. I really do like their pizza….

Counselor Kardashian? Oh dear Lord…Kim Kardashian has decided to become a lawyer in 2020. But, Kimmy can’t be bothered with attending law school like the unwashed masses. Read about this train wreck HERE and roll your eyes like the rest of us. We can only hope Donald Trump will use here for her as his lawyer.

My girl crush Chelsea Handler came out with a new book this week. It was brilliant. Also, she commented on my Instagram post about it. In a very fangirlish way, I squealed like a teenager when it happened. But, in all seriousness, it was well written and honest. It was a huge deviation from her other writings and I was fascinated to see this side of her personality. She laid her vulnerability on a platter for us all to see and I applaud her openness. Fabulous read.

I am friends with true Florida rednecks and I couldn’t be happier. I befriended my bosses neighbor. They hunt and smoke wild boar, raise chickens and ducks and sometimes get their hands on some alligator. I have a refrigerator full of duck eggs, chicken eggs, beef jerky, boar sausage and some (shhhh!) alligator sausage. My cook out this Saturday will be epic!

I am not excited about Game of Thrones this weekend. And guess what? I’ve never seen an episode. Not one. Haters gonna hate.

Crying over here at this little story about a dog who loved a mailman. Actually, sobbing…curled up in a ball around my dog.

Do you have piles of recipes? Am I the only one who still tears recipes from magazines, files them in an accordion file, never to make them? I have hundreds of them quietly waiting on shelf for me to make “someday”. I feel a challenge coming on….

That’s it. That’s all. Until next week.

Mandy xoxo