Random Seven Friday #13

Happy May! The sun is out, the sweat bath has begun…why am I living in Florida again?

Blake Lively is pregnant…. again….. Which means Ryan Reynolds is STILL not available to reenact scenes from “The Proposal” with me. Never giving up on that dream. A dream is a wish your heart makes when you see Ryan’s beautiful abs…..

Me at my old job. I though getting out of the executive world and being a PA would be more fun. It was not.

Me at my old job. I though getting out of the executive world and being a PA would be more fun. It was not.

Chewbacca has gone to the big Wookiee den in the sky. Peter Mayhew died on Tuesday. Chewie was always my favorite Star Wars character. But, apparently I’m not THAT big of a fan because I didn’t know he was 200 years old (Chewie…not Peter Mayhew). Mayhew was also 7-foot-3. All I can say is, holy crap that is a tall, hairy man.

Vote for the sexiest man….on a book cover. Good Reads is still running their sexiest man cover contest. Vote and vote well.( Link here ) I didn’t see that “I Can’t Believe its Not Butter” guy in there* I guess his time has passed.


Did you know the Beastie Boys coined the term “mullet”? While this abomination was around for longer than that, the Whatcha Want boys tied the name mullet to the hair style. The term “mullet head” referred to someone of of “dubious intelligence”. I only know this because Chris and I started an in depth conversation about mullets while walking the dogs, which sparked the question, which required the research. Oh, the questions that are envoked while you’re picking up poop. Please make sure you vote for us as the Worlds Hottest Couple next year.

Crying because…no one bought me this giant egg made of farmhouse cheese for Easter. It was available at a place in the UK called Sainsburys. All I got was chocolate and a bunch of half chewed jelly beans from my niece. Cheese is for winners, people.

My husband will never see this article featuring Zombie-proof homes. He plays Fall Out for hours. He thinks it’s happening. But, I am not living in a bunker.

I quit my job. Yup. I’m done. Today, in fact. Also reviewing my NDA because…well….girlfriend has got some material!

That’s it. That’s all. Until next week!

Mandy xoxo

*You know I mean Fabio….LOL!