Random Seven Friday #16

Happy almost Memorial Day to everyone in the US. It’s party weekend. Wear your sunscreen, don’t drink and drive and invite me to your BBQ. Also, lets remember why most of us have Monday off. Celebrate the men and women who have sacrificed to make our country great. You’re able to enjoy your weenier and beer because of them.

With that in mind, here is Random Seven Friday.

I own this store. Or at least I do in my mind. I saw my mother in law at my usual grocery store this weekend. I didn’t even utter a greeting before I said “What are you doing at my Publix”? She doesn’t live in my section of town. Anyone else feel like they are being invaded when they run into someone who doesn’t live on their turf? Just me? Oh well. The psycho stands alone.

What a pretty label! Let’s get this one….is how I shop for wine I can’t taste first. I have my favorites, but if I want to try something new, it better have a attractive label or a fun name. Fat Bastard…I’m looking at you. I basically employ this tactic when shopping alone for anything I don’t have detailed knowledge about. I’m a marketing departments dream.

Sneaky Alexa Amazon just admitted it’s been recording and listening to private conversations with the Alexa device. Well, spank me on the bottom and color me shocked. I’m sure this is a surprise to you as well. Right?*

Warm salad…or at least that is what I thought when I read this article about a certain mans interesting sex play. While I wholly accept anyone’s fetish without judgement and cheer them on in their quest for something unique, I’m having a hard time working through this one.

And another thing about tattoos…Halle Berry confessed the ginormous back tattoo she showed on Instagram back in March was a big ole fake. I was more appalled she was frying an egg topless. I saw those perfect breasts in Swordfish. Those need to be protected.

Not my Genie I’m having trouble with Will Smith as the Genie in the new Aladdin movie. I know it’s not his fault Robin Williams was the master, but it’s rockin’ me just the same.

Cheesy Skeeters Along with the God awful heat that has descended on Florida for the summer, we also get the most obnoxious bouts of mosquitoes. Summer is wet and nasty..their favorite breeding grounds. I attended a County Commissioners meeting this week featuring those blood suckers on the agenda. The presenter was a British silver fox. I’ve never been so riveted during a conversation about bugs as I was at that moment. I also read about how certain people are more susceptible to their bites (only the females bite). It’s all about what you smell like, how hot your body is running and your blood type. They also favor cheese…..

That’s it. That’s all. Until next time.

Mandy xoxo

*if you said ‘yes”, please email me immediately at mandywanzzcake@gmail.com and schedule time for me to wack you on the skull.