Random Seven Friday #15

Well, I guess I still have my freedom of speech. Before that is brutally ripped from me, here is this weeks Random Seven Friday

Top Sliced or Side Sliced? Which type of hot dog bun do you prefer? If you answer anything other than top sliced, we can’t be friends. How the heck do you keep your toppings from falling out of the sliced side? What are you, an animal?

Tomatoes are a killer? According to the super truthful and factually based MSN news, eating a tomato can be harmful. I just can’t with you people.

Oh goodie… petition! Apparently a Game of Thrones fan is super pissed about how this series is going, so he created a petition to have the show refilmed. Over 300,000 people have already signed it….including me. I’ve never seen an episode but I’m so tired of listening to everyone whine, I’m fully supporting the fix.

It’s not just tomatoes that will killer you. I have done every item on this list at least once this week. And will probably do it again next week. Seriously people. Your kitchen is probably filthier than any restaurant kitchen….except my favorite Mexican restaurant. I know the kitchen is horrid. It’s just their fajitas are so good!!!

No garlic for you. I’ve been doing alot of royal stalking since Meghan had her baby. (I still refuse to acknowledge that name) Apparently, her Queenliness has veto’d garlic and onions from the royal table. I get the whole breath thing, but really….no garlic bread…EVER?

Still no free pizza Beginning in the month of April, Solorzanos Pizza tossed out an offer stating that anyone who tattooed the new logo on their body would receive free pizza for life. I’m terrified of needles and I cannot bear the thought of a tattoo. But, I came up with a nice plan. A few days ago, I posted a topless photo (calm down, I was facing a wall), with the logo on a sticker placed on my lower back. I offered to wear the sticker for life if I could have free pizza. Solorzanos like the photo, but never said anything. Maybe I should start a petition….

Grow a dick. There is a penis shaped chili plant. Oh, yes. I have ordered my seeds on Amazon already.

That’s it. That’s all. Until next time.

Mandy xoxo