Random Seven Friday #5

It’s the 8th Friday of 2019. It’s moving too fast, people. Too fast, I say


I finally tried Dip Nails. My nails salon has been harping on me to try this craze which has been around for a few years. My manicurist is tired of me arriving with nails appearing to be nibbled on by ferrets. I’m on my second set of dip nails and I’m in LOVE! While it’s slightly weird to have your finger dipped in a communal pot of powder (possible sanitary issue), my nails are harder than Jason Stathams abs. I walked back into the salon after 3 weeks without a chip or breakage. If anyone is 2 years behind the curve like me, click here to watch a little info video. If you’re in the Sarasota area, I go to Siesta Nails in the Sarasota Pavilion.

You MUST watch Gaga: Five Foot Two on Netflix. I know, I know. It came out around the same time as the dip nails. But, if you’re a Gaga fan, you have to watch it. She is an amazing talent.

SRQ Natives need to eat at Gulf Gate Food+Beer. This fab eatery opened in August and I’ve been there twice in the last week. It’s pub/bar food with a unique foodie twist. They also serve the Impossible Burger. I tried this for the first time and as a rabid meat eater, I’m feeling very veggie right now. It’s witchcraft, I tell you.


I’m all about composting. We toss all of our veggie scraps, coffee grounds and yard waste in a bin. In 6 months, it turns in to beautiful, loomy soil for our garden. Magic! We’re doing our part in saving the planet by transforming our waste into something useful. In 2017-2018, we participated in a composting study with Sarasota County where we had to record our monthly food waste weigh.* Over the period of 1 year, we composted over 500 lbs of food waste! That’s just 2 people.

Did you hear about The Break Up App? Onward is being called the Uber of breakups. They have different plans to help you start over. I feel they should hire me to run the show. I’m an expert.


Book of the Week Goes To: Happier Thinking. The author, Lana Grace Riva kindly sent me a copy of this book in August. Lana, I apologize for being a shithead and not singing your praises until now. This quick, lovely read will help get your head out of your ass and reset your way of thinking. Ms. Riva breaks it all down conversationally in about 50 sweet pages and gives you the keys to being happier throughout your day. You’ll be shocked and amazed at the simplicity.

I’ve been learning about shopping and serotonin levels. I have someone in my life who has a crazy shopping problem and they purchase a new item nearly every day without fail. While they have funds to afford it, many of the desired items sit in the delivery box for weeks. When they need to spend money on important household repairs or necessary items, they balk at the prices saying “it’s too expensive”. I figured there must be a psychological reason behind it. Sure enough, here’s the scoop.

That’s it. That’s all. Until next week.

Mandy xoxo

*OMG! I just read this sentence and thought “Chris and I appear to be the geekiest nerds in the world.” I swear we have sex.