Random Seven Friday #4

OMG! There goes $80

OMG! There goes $80

Happy first day of February! It’s FRIDAY! I will never call it “Fri-yay” I just won’t and can’t. I also really wish you wouldn’t either

Waiter, I will have a “butt” of wine please: In Medieval times, a “butt” was a unit of measure for wine. So, technically, a “buttload” of wine is about 475 liters, or 126 gallons. I’m so ready to drink this weekend.

I’ve been thinking about: favorite toilets. Is this a thing? When I’m home and I have to do a Number 2, I like to use our guest bathroom. At work, I always chose the same bathroom stall. Is it common to have a favorite toilet? Help me out here.

I am completely stinking up the place eating: the basil hummus from Zoe’s Kitchen. The people in my office can smell me at 50 paces. But it is SO DAMN GOOD…and the pita is warm….foodgasm.

I am finally going to: light my $80 Jo Malone candle. For those of you who don’t know the story…. I went to an event that had a Saks Fifth Avenue table. I was 2.5 glass of wine under when I spotted the Jo Malone candles. I’m a Lydia Elise Millen-Gordon groupie and was like “OH MY GAWWWWWD! She loves those candles so I HAVE to get one.” I never though about the price until I got home and was like. “I JUST SPENT $80 on a little CANDLE!!! It’s been sitting on my desk for months and I’m just gonna light the sucker.

Content Creator I’m crushing on: Lydia. Funny, fashionable, hot husband, cats, gorgeous home….the high school Mean Girl in you wants to hate her…but you just can’t. She’s too cute.

Podcast I’m downloading: Stuff You Should Know. Sure, both of the hosts sound like they are perpetually stoned, but I drove around completely riveted while listening to a discussion on Lobotomies. Best…day…EVER! Yesterday, I drove around selecting the people in my life who should have one. Hint Hint..there is more than 1

Subject I’m pondering: Science says bald men are better? This article in Delish (ironically cites a study done by a bald man), says bald men are seen as more intelligent, successful, masculine and attractive. Although, this article in Psychology Today does have a bit of evidence to back it up. Now I have some science behind my lust for The Rock, Jason Statham, VinDiesel and a few unnamed gentlemen from my past.

That’s it, That’s all. Until next week.

Live Authentic! - Mandy