Random Seven Friday #3

TGIFF (Thank God it’s Fucking Friday) Here’s my randomness from this week:

I’ve been going through bottles of: CROP juice….more specifically their Citrus Fire…like water. Every single human I know has a cold, the flu or some kind of plague. You all know I don’t subscribe to any of that fasting crap. What I do want is healthy stuff in my bod to combat what ever viral infection is running rampant through Sarasota. This juice is magic.

Latest fun purchase: Nathan Running Belts I know true runners don’t run with their phone. Blah, blah, blah…but, I need to listen to music or a podcast. I also need the disembodied voice of the Map My Run lady to yell my split times at me. This belt is a neat little kangaroo pouch for your ipod or phone. It holds without zippers, snaps, plastic doodads etc. When it gets really sweaty and stinky, just pop it in the wash.

Totally loving the podcast: The Emma Guns Show Emma started her podcast in 2016 and has some pretty amazing guests on her show. I’ve been doing a bit of a binge listening and I can say for fact she is a truly, interesting lady.

What I’m reading: The Recipe for Radiance When I returned from my Christmas travels with skin resembling a pubescent teenager, I knew I had over done it in the junkie eats department. I wear my bad food habits on my face. This book has some cool all natural beauty remedies as well as food recipes to help out your insides. I am currently wearing the Yogurt & Baking Soda Buffer from page 146 and eating marshmallows out of the bag. I can’t be perfect all the time.

Latest habit I’m trying: Slowing down my nightly shower routine. I am so amped up to get through my nightly shower routine so I can plop myself down on the couch and relax with a YouTube video or twenty. In the last week, I’ve been slowing it down. I have all of these fabulous and wonderfully smelly products I use to keep myself clean, buffed and supple. Why aren’t I enjoying the process? It’s only moved up my routine from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. I’ve been loving the Acure products and have been making some fun body scrubs from The Recipe for Radiance.

I could care less about: the New England Patriots going to the Super Bowl…again. I’m from Massachusetts, I’m not a fan of Tom Brady…just get over it.

I’m still not sure about: “Jimmies”. If you were raised in the Northeastern United States, went out for an ice cream cone and asked for “jimmies”, it would be covered in chocolate sprinkles. Here in the South, they are called just “chocolate sprinkles”. No one knows what jimmies are! Last night, Chris and I were out for ice cream and we’re debating on whether or not the term “jimmies” was racist or not. (we’d heard a rumor) I immediately went home and Googled. Now, I’m even more confused

That’s it, That’s all…until next week

Live Authentic