Random Seven Friday #2

Happy Friday everyone! Here is what has been in my head, in my mouth and in my life this week….


I’ve been pondering: Chromophobia which is the irrational fear of colors. One of the girls in my office told me she doesn’t like to eat anything colored orange….except for oranges. While I was wondering how she can make it through the week without eating a bag of Cheetos (to lick the electric orange cheese off my fingers is pure heaven) I managed to fall down a Wikipedia rabbit hole looking up all of the phobias. Just click this link to lose an hour of your day. You’re welcome

What I’m reading: Fire Starter Sessions By Danielle Laporte I read this about a year ago and it blew my mind. So, I’m rereading it again. Danielle Laporte says ‘fuck’ alot. I like her.

What I’ve been shoving in my mouth: Sweet potato noodles (my chromophobic friend would not approve). Oh, my fabulous food Gods these are amazing. I was introduced to them at Fresh Kitchen some time ago and I just bought a pack of them to make at home. The texture is amazeballs. If anyone has some cooking tips, please email, DM or send word via carrier pigeon.

Quote I’m loving: “Remember when you wanted everything you currently have” I heard this quote while listening to a podcast last week. It affected me so much I nearly stopped my car in the middle of the road. Read it out loud to yourself and just think for a second. Crazy, huh?

Latest online stalkerfest: Caroline Hirons I first heard her interviewed on the podcast At Home With… (totally recommend BTW) and then proceeded to follow every single one of her social media links. I also signed up for her newsletter. I have now started commenting on everything and tagging her in posts. I’m pretty sure a restraining order will be served at my house shortly. I’m fangirling HARD.

Lip gloss for my Vagina is a thing??? I just got an email sent from The Girlfriend by AARP (no, I don’t know why I’m receiving this publication in my 40’s, but it’s gold!) In this article they talk about butt masks, “lip”sticks and pubic hair oil (yes, it really is a thing) I’m not going to lie, I’m so intrigued!

That’s it. That’s all. Until next week.

Live authentic