7 Things You Need To Do Right Now!

I’m not going to lie, I miss living alone.  I would do what I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted.  I never went to the cupboard and found only fried potato dust in the bag of chips, the toilets were always flushed after use and it was quiet when I wanted it to be.

Now I live with a man.  3 males to be exact if you want to count the dog and cat.  Not that I’m complaining….most of the time.  I’m surrounded by love.  I knew it would be like this.

Living alone made me realize the importance of doing things on your own.  How amazing it feels to spend time with yourself.  If you don’t like yourself, this is the opportunity for you start trying. After all, you have to deal with YOU for the rest of your life.  So suck it up, cupcake. You’re stuck with you.  And here’s some ways to deal with it:

  1. Take A Shower In The Dark – If you’ve never done this, the sensation is amazing. Not being able to focus on your flaws, totally tuning into the sound of the water, the way the soap feels on your body and the fact you have to take your time to do this. (DISCLAIMER: Be careful, ok?  If you’re completely klutzy, use a small candle for a little light.) 
  2. Write a Thank You Note –  Not an email, text or telepathic message.  A real note…on paper.  Taking 5 minutes to tell someone you appreciate them is magic.
  3. Go To An Event – Yes, by yourself. When I first moved to Florida, I knew 3 people. 2 of them live an hour away.  I started attending different FREE events in my neighborhood: workshops, seminars – you name it, I went – even if it wasn’t something I was totally into.  I’m not going to lie, it’s awkward as hell walking into a place where you don’t know anyone.  But, you’ll meet someone who will introduce you to someone else who will introduce you to more people.  You may not like everyone, but someone will stick.
  4. Meditate or BREATHE…for at least 5 minutes – I know. How very transcendental yogi of me.  But, I went to a workshop (see, I got some useful info while making friends) and the teacher talked about how important it was to breathe.  I was all like “Oh yeah right, I’m breathing now, bitch”.  Then she led us thru a little guided meditation and I realized I wasn’t fucking breathing right.  In fact, I was basically failing Inhale/Exhale 101.  Now I know how. So learn.  You can literally relax yourself in under a minute.  Oxygen is like unicorn tears.
  5. Make A Nice Dinner – When I lived alone, I didn’t eat on the couch, hunched over a plate of spaghetti or eating out of a takeout container (ok, sometimes I did). But, I always tried to make something nice if it had been a tough day or even not so tough day. You wouldn’t just throw something together if you were with someone special would you?    You’d make ‘em something awesome.  Well buttercup, without sounding totally ridiculous, you are flippin’ special. Eat like it!  My goto meal:  Pasta with fresh tomatoes, basil, garlic and a shitload of cheese and big ole glass of Chianti.
  6. Go Out To Eat By Yourself At A Really Nice Restaurant – Yes. I mean it. Sit all by yourself.  It can be at the bar.  You are not allowed to stare at your phone the whole time.  Only until the waiter comes over, then you have to put it down.  You may not touch it the entire meal. You will be surprised at how good the food tastes when you have a second to focus on what you’re eating with no distractions.  Order something amazing and enjoy every bite. Eat like you own it.
  7. Go To A Movie – Yes, by yourself. No one wanted to see “Fifty Shade’s Of Grey” with me so I went by myself.  I was surrounded by old people in couples (it’s Florida y’all) and a bunch of single dudes.  Best movie experience EVER.  I snuck in a giant bag of cheese popcorn and stayed in my seat when the lights came up.  Best people watching EVER!