Random Seven Friday #11

It is a full moon Friday. As a self-declared “weirdo”, I will be out in full force!

I’m not excited, you’re excited. Ok. We’re both excited about the new Star Wars movie. (trailer here) I was never a crazed fan until they started this new saga and now I’m salivating. But, unlike the rebel nerds, I will not see it until a few weeks after it’s released. I don’t like to share the theater with mouth breathers.

I have found a video of my future self. This is what it looks like. Link here

Adieu Notre Dame My heart was heavy as I watched this majestic cathedral burn. Over 850 years old, it stood through centuries of wars and the worst weather only to be brought down by an electrical short circuit. I love how the world is coming together to help rebuild this beautiful part of France.

But, while you’re throwing money at the church...don’t forget to give some to people who need it now. While it is heartwarming to see billionaires giving gobs of cash to the restoration of Notre Dame, we do have more pressing issues to address….world hunger, poverty etc. The single mother who works two jobs to feed her 3 kids could probably use the $50 you just sent in to build the Hunchback a new tower.

Would you like a cell-cultured burger? This week, Bruce Friedrich of Good Good Institute gave a TED talk and put a $50 price tag on the meat that is literally made from meat. Soon the vegans won’t have anything to complain about and the gas from cow farts will stop gobbling up the ozone layer. Link here

People are pooping on the streets of San Francisco This city is one of the wealthiest in the country and people can’t stop pooping in public. Y’all give Florida a bad rap, but our idiots bother alligators and try to have sexual relationships with dolphins. No one is squatting on the streets. Link here

And last but not least….

I am launching a new podcast. Coming very, very soon….like probably next week, my new podcast “Eating Cake By the Ocean” will launch. A sister to my other podcast More Than a Mouthful (with my handsome, very single co-host Craig Charlton) latest episode here, this will feature interviews with some of my favorite people and a whole lotta craziness. Follow me on Facebook or Instagram for links and times.

That’s all. That’s it. Until next week.

Mandy xoxo