Random Seven Friday #7

Lets just get to it. This is the worst weekend because:

Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward on Sunday morning at 2 AM. I don’t know about you, but I will be completely screwed up for the next 3 weeks due to this archaic practice. Every year, one of the states decides they’re going to end it nationwide. This year it’s Florida’s turn. Not sure why. No one ever seems to take Florida seriously. The European Parliament is set to end daylight savings in 2021. But, they don’t seem to sure about it either. I just know I’m a complete bitch for about a week and a half.

You may have seen I’ve started enjoying cigars. While I abhor others smoking cigars near me in public, I found my visit to Maduro’s Cigar and Wine Bar to be a wonderful experience. I enjoyed a hand rolled Sweet Jane by Deadwood Tobacco Company and a delicious glass of Cabernet (I failed to get the name) while curled in a leather chair, listening to Frank Sinatra and chatting with friends. Chris and I have decided to add this to our date night list….although, I have to take 2 showers and wash my hair 4 times to get the smell out.

Stevie’s got some shawls and she wants you to have them. Stevie Nicks told Rolling Stone about her “shawl vault” and how she has been trying to give her shawls away…stating she has thousands. I’m just waiting for the ebay auction to start.

Use the gym to up your sex game? Those frisky minxes over at AARP put out an article detailing 7 exercises that can improve your sex game. If someone could please try this out and report back, I would appreciate it.

This weeks read was “The Seven Husbands of Eveyln Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid. It was published in June 2017, but found it’s way to me in a care package last month. Full of old Hollywood scandal, sex and love, it had such a surprise ending. While the cover gives the appearance of a tawdry romance novel, this book had some meat and teeth. A quick and lovely read. Highly recommended.

I’m so tired of my pasty white girl skin that I am trying out some fake tan. I’ve been using the St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse. So far, I haven’t turned orange as I sometimes do with other fake tans. I did however, forget to tan both butt cheeks. I may have been rushing and forgot one side. St. Tropez smells good, isn’t sticky and goes on fairly easy.

Do you have a poop purse? If you’re a dog owner, you know it is the law to pick up your precious canines lawn deposit. But, if you’re going on a long walk or…worse….have two dogs to handle, those used and full bags can be a pain to manage. Enter the poop purse. Grab an old purse from Goodwill, a random old backpack or a similar item. Now, carry this item on your next dog walk and place those bagged deposits in your purse. Problems solved. Crazy story: A friend of a friend was walking her dog with a full poop purse. A man ran by her and stole the purse! Imagine his surprise!

That’s it. That’s all. Until next week.

Mandy xoxo

PS…I cannot believe a talked about poop for a second time in 2 weeks….