It's important to Live Authentically.



Hello!  I am Mandy Wanzz and this is my chaotic little corner of the internet.  You may remember me as the naughty little blogger over at Diamond in The Rough.  But, alas, that ship has sailed and the blog has been torn up and flushed down.  Why?  Well, I moved to Florida and started my life over....well, as best you can in this God forsaken heat. 

Seriously.  It's freakin' hot here.  And there are snakes.  Lots of snakes

I pretend to be a freelance writer while holding down a day job.  I've never won any literary awards, published a book or anything else that requires serious commitment as a writer.  So basically, I do this for my own amusement.  I am a bibliophile, a foodie and sometimes I think I'm pretty smart. I prefer extra cheese on my pizza and for everyone to just leave me alone on Sunday.

I live in Sarasota with my husband (who hates to be on camera), our 2 Boston Terriers - MoMo and Charlie, and one very disturbed cat named Wilbur.